Galaxy sucked into black hole

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This page was last updated June 27, Animals What your pet is telling you with their body language when you scratch their ears or tickle their tummy. What makes you think that the galaxy is expanding? Intermediate Why are there high tides during a Full Moon? The gas trying to get to the black hole will speed up the closer it gets to the black hole, and any jostling between gas particles will heat the gas to incredibly high temperatures. At the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way, researchers discovered an X-shaped structure within a tightly packed group of stars. This nebula, or cloud of gas and dust, is called RCW 34 or Gum

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Mars was about million miles from Earth when the images were taken.

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While quantum mechanics says that information lost in a black hole disappears completely, general relativity states that, in principle, this is impossible. Poignant last sighting of Dale Winton shows pale and bloated star stumbling around restaurant The year-old stumbled and fidgeted with his hands together days before his shock death. It's simple to understand how earth orbits the sun, but the black hole is something more energetic and at most pulls everything to it's center. Intermediate How do you measure the distance between Earth and the Sun? As the ancient star was sucked into the black hole, Yang says it produced jets of light and particles equivalent to the size "of a 2 euro coin on the Moon as seen from Earth. Beginner What is the universe expanding into?

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Galaxy sucked into black hole
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Galaxy sucked into black hole
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